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Deer Hunting | How to Last on Bitterly Cold Hunts

Late Season Deer Hunting│ Tips You Need to Know to Stay Warm!

When ole’ man winter raises his ugly head and the conditions become brutal, most deer hunters will think twice about setting off into the deer woods. While the conditions may be just about too much to bare, if you happen to find a way to make due, you might be in for some of the best deer hunting of the year!

It is well-known fact that white-tailed deer, including big bucks, can be greatly affected by changes in the weather. Outside of the rut, strong cold fronts can be one of the best times to catch a big mature buck on their feet. Of course, it goes without saying that while extremely cold conditions can make whitetail deer more predictable, it can also be some of the toughest conditions that you may face all season.

Deer hunting in the cold temperatures is both physically and mentally taxing on a hunter. Overcoming the mental side of deer hunting in the cold will vary from hunter to hunter, however, simply keeping in mind that while the conditions may be difficult…it could also be your best opportunity to punch a Muzzy Trocar through a buck. Thinking in this mindset can greatly help you. Keep focused on your goal and you might be surprised how much it can help you. Luckily, deer hunting when the temperatures are cold and the snow is on the ground will typically translate into seeing a lot of deer, which can really help you keep you mind off the cold.

Scent Lok Late Season Deer Hunting | Head Hunters TVClothing that can provide you protection from the extreme temperatures is a must through these conditions. It all starts with having a solid base layer. Having a base layer that is designed to help regulate the hunters body heat is where it all starts. Base layers combined with a Late Season System such as the products from ScentLok can have a hunter content and concentrated. Having durable, warm outer layers is certainly important when it comes to withstanding extreme cold; however, having a solid base layer is the foundation for late season deer hunting success.

Many deer hunters will take the field this winter in search of wall hanger, however, many will not be able to overcome the extreme conditions. The cold stand or blind can and will be ruthless on many. The takeaways here are starting with a solid foundation and staying focused on your goals!

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