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When and Where to Look for Shed Antlers

Shed Hunting Tips│ the Best Time and Place to Look for Antlers Whitetail deer hunters look forward to opening day of deer season more than any other day of the year. Subsequently, the last day of the season seems to be the worst day of the year. So what do you do when the season […]

How to Last on Bitterly Cold Hunts | Head Hunters TV

Deer Hunting | How to Last on Bitterly Cold Hunts

Late Season Deer Hunting│ Tips You Need to Know to Stay Warm! When ole’ man winter raises his ugly head and the conditions become brutal, most deer hunters will think twice about setting off into the deer woods. While the conditions may be just about too much to bare, if you happen to find a […]

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Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of Hunting Videos

What You Don’t See on Most Other Hunting Shows There’s a good chance we are all a little interested (alright, obsessed) with hunting videos. After all, if you can’t be in the field chasing big whitetails or hiking up mountains after bull elk, the next best thing is living vicariously through the hunting program you’re […]

Deer Hunting | Head Hunters TV

Deer Hunting | What Makes a Head Worth Hunting?

The Important Factors Behind Big Bucks and Antlers As deer hunting season and harvests crank up across the country, so does the discussion and more likely controversy over what makes big bucks. This is head hunting by definition, seeking a buck big enough and with enough inches to wrap a tag around. So what is […]

Deer Hunting Focusing On One Mature Buck

Deer Hunting | Focusing On One Mature Buck

Tactics to Bring That One Mature Buck Down Watching an individual mature buck starting from a two year old, then harvesting him when he is five is an impressive accomplishment. This is especially true for resident bucks, passing them each year until they reach full potential. It’s quite a feat to do, but extremely difficult. […]